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  • Beautifully Done Dead Valley

    A difficult part of any roofing project. It can be a potential area with problems, however done correctly, there will be no issues.

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  • Cricket

    Another area that could present major issues, however with a cricket installed there is no need to worry.

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  • Ridge Vents and Goose Neck Roof Vents

    An Important part of any roof to allow the shingles to last the maximum amount of time is the venting systems.

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Residential and Commercial

We will repair your roof in the Central Florida area in a timely manner and we will handle your insurance claim, so you rest easy. We specialize in roof damage due to fires, or high winds, storm, or hurricanes.

Additional Services

Windows, Screens, Siding, Gutters

If a recent storm, high winds or hail has caused damage to your window, gutter, or screen enclosure, let the professionals at TSK Exteriors do the repair work for you. We will also handle your insurance claim for you.

Insurance Claims

Let Us Take The Pressure Off You

If your home or business has been damaged in a storm or fire, your insurance will likely cover the damages. But dealing with your insurance company can be a tricky process. We'll work directly with your insurance company and make sure you get the maximum payout for the complete repairs.

Imagine How You Will Feel When The Insurance Process Goes Off Without A Hitch and Your Home Is Back In Order

And you didn't have to fuss and worry over it at all

Not only can we help you alleviate stress by helping you with the insurance process, but we can also get things approved that otherwise may get turned down.

We Make Going Through The Insurance Claims Process Stress Free!

We anchor everything with solid results

Trust TSK Exteriors to guide you through the insurance claims process.

A Multitude Of Services!

Roofing, Siding, Windows, Gutters Etc.

We offer a range of services for the exterior of your home. Roofing and Insurance Claims are our mainstay.


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Without our clients we not even exist, and we know this. We appreciate how important you are to us and that is why we try to make the work on your home as pain free and fun as possible. Our goal here is even if you never become a client, you still receive value just from knowing us and visiting our site.